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Federal Signal Valor Lightbar 51" Dual Color

Federal Signal Valor Lightbar 51" Dual Color

Item #:VALR51S-TX1LP
Brand:Federal Signal
Regular Price:$1,894.00


Valor is a non-linear LED light bar that provides 360-degree of light-output and superior off-axis lighting engineered to outperform a typical linear light bar.

Patented Solaris® and ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry™) Built with Solaris® LED reflector technology, the Valor light bar is engineered to significantly increase off-axis warning and maximize the LED light source to eliminate dark spots and improve visibility while on the road and in work zones. ROC technology minimizes potential failure points in the light bar — replacing wires, connectors, and assemblies with PCB assemblies to reduce labor repair time and increases road time for work trucks.

SpectraLux® Lights the Way

Exclusive to Federal Signal, the SpectraLux® multi-color LED technology provides the ability for a LED light source to change color while in operation. This added flexibility allows the Valor light bar to operate with up to (3) colors in each module. With the SpectraLux feature, Valor can flash one color and then override to a front or rear flood light or to a rear SignalMaster™ directional warning pattern.

Easy to Install and Operate

Valor incorporates the FS Convergence Network technology which allows for “plug-and-play” installation via the standard RJ45 connections. In addition, the optional 6-button serial controller offers (6) user-friendly keypads with various light bar function options. Additionally, working in conjunction with the 6-button controller, the Relay Model (660100SSG) offers the capability to control up to four different devices with one unit (up to 40 Amps) making it ideal for users to customize complete warning packages with a variety of light heads, such as Corner LEDs and perimeter lights.

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Federal Signal Valor Lightbar 51" Dual Color