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Stinger Spike Systems


According to U.S. Department of Justice statistics, a majority of the largest police and sheriff departments are enacting restrictive pursuit driving policies in order to reduce the injuries and property damage associated with high-speed chases. The STINGER SPIKE SYSTEM® allows law enforcement officers to control those situations by stopping fleeing vehicles effectively, reliably, and safely. The STINGER system employs high strength, hollow steel spikes that penetrate all types of tires – including self-sealing and run-flats – and deflate them in a regulated manner. This prevents blowouts, slows the perpetrator’s vehicle to a safer rate of speed, and allows him to make a controlled stop. And STINGER spikes are effective on all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and buses.

Safe and Easy to Use:

The STINGER device is designed for quick, reliable operation. A simple pull on the handle or a toss is all it takes to position the spikes. The single, accordion-action element deploys almost instantly, giving officers time to take cover. Extra-width road coverage and low visibility minimize avoidance by fleeing suspects. And, after spiking, a simple yank on the handle quickly retracts the unit, clearing the road for pursuit vehicles and other traffic.

Rock and Tilt Mechanism The STINGER SPIKE SYSTEM uses patented technology to ensure effective tire penetration. A typical chase intervention flattens one to four tires, safely slowing and stopping the vehicle in just minutes. At the initial contact, the assembly automatically rocks toward the tire, pointing the spikes directly at the tread, allowing the full length of the spike to be used for penetration. And as the spikes pivot into the tire, the safety tip guards are pushed down. The assembly continues to rotate with the motion of the vehicle, driving the spikes deeply into the tire. The hollow spikes control the tire deflation rate, preventing a blowout and sudden loss of control. The rolling tire then tilts the spike system in the opposite direction, allowing the spikes to pull completely out of the assembly. With the next rotation they are pushed fully into the tire – leaving no debris on the roadway. A tire typically picks up 4-6 spikes and deflates in 12-20 seconds.

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Stinger Spike Systems